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Hello every­body:

For those of you been to the site in the last few days you’ll notice that we added a few pic­tures of our Enchanted Isle model. This is per the end­less string of requests that I received on the tele­phone and via e-mails.

Since our last blog our web­mas­ter, Dani, has become engaged. Con­grat­u­la­tions Dani! For any of you out there who need a truly superb site builder, give Dani a call. You will find her site address at the bot­tom of the web­pages,

For those of you watch­ing the blog and send­ing in e-mails, I have been promis­ing good news is com­ing soon. In the next few weeks we will add a “where to get Enchanted Isle” tab to the site. Yes it is com­ing and quite soon.

All the best Matthew

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