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Where to buy Enchanted Isle

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Great plan for travel to Tahiti …

Greet­ings fel­low Tahiti trav­el­ers and those who wish to. Tahiti Travel

It is no mys­tery that I travel between Cal­i­for­nia and Tahiti fairly fre­quently; I’m often asked how I go about it. Today I thought I would share a few of my secrets with you.

It is well-known that trav­el­ing to Tahiti is not inex­pen­sive. My idea of a good time is not prov­ing to the world how much money I can spend; I want to travel more often and stay longer, that is the goal.

My book­ing agent is the com­pany “Tahiti Dis­count Travel” and the pro­pri­etor is Ms.Geri Miller. She has been doing this for many years and knows all the ins and outs of travel in Tahiti. Most of the time I will stay on the island of Moorea; I stay at the hotel “Club Bali Hai”. The Club Bali Hai is located on Cook’s Bay in the cen­ter of the action on the island of Moorea. This is where the shop­ping, mar­kets and restau­rants are located. Should you desire finer accom­mo­da­tions, the Moorea Pearl is just a few miles away. The Pearl is also located in the shop­ping and restau­rant dis­trict of the island. The Bali Hai has a small restau­rant for break­fast and lunch but most of the rooms have cook­ing facil­i­ties and a small refrig­er­a­tor. Most often I stock up at one of the local mar­kets and make a lot of my meals in the room.

I rec­om­mend the red­eye out of Los Ange­les. This flight leaves at about 11:00PM. You will land in Papeete at dawn. I then use the air ser­vice, as opposed to the less expen­sive ferry, because I will be in the hotel lobby about 7:30 in the morn­ing. By doing this I can usu­ally catch the eight o’clock scuba dive. When I depart I will again use the 11 PM flight leav­ing Papeete, with this flight I do not need to leave the hotel till about 6 PM. Using these flights I gain two full days on the ground.

Give Geri a call, you will find her more than helpful;

Tele­phone: 949–250-9122

Enchanted Isle Direct … to a doorway near YOU ! ! !

Greet­ings everybody;

I know that it is been a while but now we have some extra great news to relate!

For the last year folks from around the coun­try have been call­ing and ask­ing if we could ship direct. I’ve always had my reser­va­tions as many who sell prod­ucts online are behav­ing ille­gally. But we have found a com­pany that is safe and secure as well is very pro­fes­sional. As a result of this I’m happy to announce that we can now send Enchanted Isle direct to your door.

We at Motu are work­ing with our friends at Dean & DeLuca in St. Helena Cal­i­for­nia to expe­dite your orders. To place an order all you need do is call Dean & DeLuca at 707–967-9980 x 4106 and ask for Lee Rein­si­mar (you may also reach Lee via e-mail:

For those of you out there who have recently dis­cov­ered Tahiti, wel­come, for those long time trav­el­ers out there always feel free to send us your Tahiti sto­ries and expe­ri­ences. We love to hear from our friends around the country.

All the best to every­one, Maruru


Road Trip …

Hello Every­body:

Just for fun I thought I would share this with everybody.

Last night I received a phone call from a gen­tle­man who had heard about us on the Inter­net. He placed a phone call to Dean & DeLuca and was told that indeed they have Enchanted Isle, which is Tahiti Drink’s name in the US. He drove up from cen­tral Cal­i­for­nia to buy it. Then he went to the web­site found my phone num­ber and gave me a call. He went on and on about how ecsta­tic he was that finally, after all this time, Tahiti Drink was here. He thanked me pro­fusely and in return I thanked him for his support.


Now on Facebook & Twitter …

Check us out on our brand new Face­book and Twit­ter sites. We’ll be using both accounts to announce new loca­tions where you can find Enchanted Isle as well as some other sur­prises that we hope will be fun for every­one. You can find us by search­ing for “Enchanted Isle” or at:


We have the technology …

Hello every­body,

We found a rather well-written arti­cle about our ‘Tahiti Drink’ pro­duct­ing friends at Manutea Tahiti, S.A. from a fel­low Tahiti trav­eler over in Lon­don. We decided to go ahead and share this one with you.
Click here to view this arti­cle ‘Juice Tech­nol­ogy from French Poly­ne­sia’ in Engi­neer­ing and Tech­nol­ogy Mag­a­zine.


Updates …

Hello every­body:

For those of you been to the site in the last few days you’ll notice that we added a few pic­tures of our Enchanted Isle model. This is per the end­less string of requests that I received on the tele­phone and via e-mails.

Since our last blog our web­mas­ter, Dani, has become engaged. Con­grat­u­la­tions Dani! For any of you out there who need a truly superb site builder, give Dani a call. You will find her site address at the bot­tom of the web­pages,

For those of you watch­ing the blog and send­ing in e-mails, I have been promis­ing good news is com­ing soon. In the next few weeks we will add a “where to get Enchanted Isle” tab to the site. Yes it is com­ing and quite soon.

All the best Matthew

This just in …

You can now find Tahiti Drink and Enchanted Isle on Wikipedia. We’re pleased with our short (but sweet) list­ing on the world’s largest ref­er­ence site. You can find us here: Wikipedia: Tahiti Drink.


The “Enchanted” Network …

Greet­ings one and all …

In an ear­lier blog I explained that much as we would like to we can’t just ship to you directly. As we’re in the early stages of build­ing up our dis­tri­b­u­tion net­work I thought I’d give you some insight on how this busi­ness works.

The sys­tem used in the United States is called three-tier. Motu Importers must sell prod­uct to a dis­trib­u­tor who can be state-wide or work within a region of a state. It is then the distributor’s job to place the prod­uct in retail loca­tions, bars, restau­rants, etc.

For a dis­trib­u­tor to get involved in a prod­uct as new and dif­fer­ent as Enchanted Isle requires an emo­tional and finan­cial com­mit­ment. So far we have dis­trib­u­tors in Cal­i­for­nia and Col­orado. They should have prod­uct some­time in April.

As our net­work devel­ops we’ll update the list of dis­trib­u­tors here on our site as well as via Twit­ter and our Face­book page.

Also, if you send us an email (either with the “Con­tact Page” form or just direct) and include your city/state we’ll be sure to send an email your way when we have some­one in your area.

That is all for now. All the best to you!
Matt Reilly

Why “Enchanted Isle” rather than “Tahiti Drink”?

Greet­ings everybody:

Thank you every­body for all of phone calls and emails. Many of you have asked why we are mar­ket­ing under the name Enchanted Isle instead of Tahiti Drink. The rea­son is a legal one hav­ing to do with trade­marks and copy­rights. To put it sim­ply it is very dif­fi­cult to pro­tect a copy­right or trade­mark of a geo­graphic loca­tion. While we could place copy­rights and trade­marks on the name Tahiti Drink, because the name Tahiti is a geo­graphic loca­tion it would be very dif­fi­cult to enforce copy­rights and trade­marks in court. Once we decided that a name change was in order the chal­lenge was to come up with the name that really said it all in one or two words.

Please tell us how you like the name (com­ment sec­tion below). Thanks!

All the best,

Where can I buy Enchanted Isle?

Hello every­body,

We have been receiv­ing a great deal of emails and phone calls regard­ing Enchanted Isle. Thank you all for tak­ing the time to cor­re­spond with us we really love hear­ing from you.

For those of you who are ask­ing; yes, this is the prod­uct known as Tahiti Drink in French Poly­ne­sia. The next time I blog I will explain why the name change.

For all of you who are ask­ing when you can buy Enchanted Isle locally I ask that you send us a mes­sage from our “Con­tact” page and tell us which city/state or zip you live in. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have a retail out­let in your area.

Many of you are ask­ing if we can send the prod­uct to you; the answer is we can­not. Quite sim­ply it is ille­gal to do so. It is legal to ship wine across state bor­ders to a retail cus­tomer but this is not the case for beer or spirit prod­ucts. So, as much as we wish we could, we sim­ply cannot.

If you have any ques­tions for us either use the com­ments area below or send us a mes­sage through out “Con­tact” page and we will be happy to respond back.

All the Best to you,

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Enchanted Isle is the registered trademark of Manutea Tahiti S.A.
Enchanted Isle is 10% Alcohol by Volume – Please Drink Responsibly
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