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Where to buy Enchanted Isle

Enchanted Isle lands in Florida

Greet­ings all; Florida update. You can find Enchanted Isle on the Shelf at Luekens Liquors in the town of Dunedin Florida. Right next door to Clearwater!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Direct Ship Now from Binny’s Beverage Depot

Binny’s Bev­er­age Depot will ship direct to you, it is sim­ple and easy.

Tele­phone: 888–942-9463

E-mail: or

For those of you out there who have recently dis­cov­ered Tahiti, wel­come, for those long time trav­el­ers out there always feel free to send us your Tahiti sto­ries and expe­ri­ences. We love to hear from our friends around the country.

All the best to every­one, Maruru


Heiva In San Diego!!!!!

Heiva In San Diego!!!!!  It’s a big Tahit­ian party.

This will be held on August 10th and 11th in San Diego at the San Diego Con­course; also know as Golden Hall.  Visit their web­site at

This is an annual event-can’t make it this year, plan for next year!!!!!!!  See ya there

Bombarded in LA

Hello every­body; I don’t know what’s going on or why but for some rea­son I’m get­ting bom­barded with requests for prod­uct from the Los Ange­les area.

Is there any­body out there that can tell me why the sud­den burst of requests from LA?

Enchanted Isle has arrived in Florida.

Hello every­body; good news!!!!!!!!!!. Enchanted Isle has arrived in Florida. We will keep you up to speed as to loca­tions where this won­der­ful elixir can be found. If you have any ques­tions please con­tact us.

Greet­ings one and all;

In just a few days we will be in Ari­zona. You will find us on the shelf at Bevmo.   I am told by our dis­trib­u­tor that there will be other stores and night spots com­ing online soon as well. As this occurs we will post them here.

Please keep in touch with us, let us know what is on your mind.



Happy New Year Everyone … and in particular, Chicago ! ! !

Greet­ings to all and to all in the heartland …

As many of you know Enchanted Isle is on the shelf at most Binny’s loca­tions now.  If you wish to order, the Inter­net hub is at the South Loop store. Call them 888–942-9463 or e-mail: For fur­ther info check out Binny’s Bev­er­age Depot online.

The loca­tions where Enchanted Isle is on the shelf:

Skokie-Buffalo Grove-Des Plaines-Orland Park-Elmwood Park-Willowbrook– 3000 N. Clark-Naperville-Grand Ave-Schaumburg-Niles-St. Charles South Loop-Plainfield-Marcey St-Downers Grove-Bollingbrook-Bloomingdale-Arlington Hts-Champaign and Bloomington.

Please keep in touch

Binny’s — Chicago — Just in time for Christmas!

For all of you folks in the Mid­west and on the North Coast we are now at Binny’s in Chicago!!!

Binny’s has a lot of loca­tions and we are not on the shelf at every one. You may need to call and find out which stores are stock­ing. In the mean­time I have requested a list of stock­ing stores. Please keep in touch with us via the web­site, we love to hear from our friends from all around the country.

All the best to you,


Great plan for travel to Tahiti …

Greet­ings fel­low Tahiti trav­el­ers and those who wish to. Tahiti Travel

It is no mys­tery that I travel between Cal­i­for­nia and Tahiti fairly fre­quently; I’m often asked how I go about it. Today I thought I would share a few of my secrets with you.

It is well-known that trav­el­ing to Tahiti is not inex­pen­sive. My idea of a good time is not prov­ing to the world how much money I can spend; I want to travel more often and stay longer, that is the goal.

My book­ing agent is the com­pany “Tahiti Dis­count Travel” and the pro­pri­etor is Ms.Geri Miller. She has been doing this for many years and knows all the ins and outs of travel in Tahiti. Most of the time I will stay on the island of Moorea; I stay at the hotel “Club Bali Hai”. The Club Bali Hai is located on Cook’s Bay in the cen­ter of the action on the island of Moorea. This is where the shop­ping, mar­kets and restau­rants are located. Should you desire finer accom­mo­da­tions, the Moorea Pearl is just a few miles away. The Pearl is also located in the shop­ping and restau­rant dis­trict of the island. The Bali Hai has a small restau­rant for break­fast and lunch but most of the rooms have cook­ing facil­i­ties and a small refrig­er­a­tor. Most often I stock up at one of the local mar­kets and make a lot of my meals in the room.

I rec­om­mend the red­eye out of Los Ange­les. This flight leaves at about 11:00PM. You will land in Papeete at dawn. I then use the air ser­vice, as opposed to the less expen­sive ferry, because I will be in the hotel lobby about 7:30 in the morn­ing. By doing this I can usu­ally catch the eight o’clock scuba dive. When I depart I will again use the 11 PM flight leav­ing Papeete, with this flight I do not need to leave the hotel till about 6 PM. Using these flights I gain two full days on the ground.

Give Geri a call, you will find her more than helpful;

Tele­phone: 949–250-9122

Enchanted Isle Direct … to a doorway near YOU ! ! !

Greet­ings everybody;

I know that it is been a while but now we have some extra great news to relate!

For the last year folks from around the coun­try have been call­ing and ask­ing if we could ship direct. I’ve always had my reser­va­tions as many who sell prod­ucts online are behav­ing ille­gally. But we have found a com­pany that is safe and secure as well is very pro­fes­sional. As a result of this I’m happy to announce that we can now send Enchanted Isle direct to your door.

We at Motu are work­ing with our friends at Dean & DeLuca in St. Helena Cal­i­for­nia to expe­dite your orders. To place an order all you need do is call Dean & DeLuca at 707–967-9980 x 4106 and ask for Lee Rein­si­mar (you may also reach Lee via e-mail:

For those of you out there who have recently dis­cov­ered Tahiti, wel­come, for those long time trav­el­ers out there always feel free to send us your Tahiti sto­ries and expe­ri­ences. We love to hear from our friends around the country.

All the best to every­one, Maruru


What Enchanted Isle is and is not …

Matthew of Motu, your Tahiti-ologist

Matthew of Motu .… .     your lead­ing (we pre­fer “fear­lessly lead­ing”) Tahiti-ologist

Greet­ings from the offices of Motu and Matthew — your lead­ing “Tahiti-ologist”:

I am asked this ques­tion fre­quently, so now it is time to put it down in writing.

What Enchanted Isle is and is not:

Enchanted Isle is not a rum punch. For some­thing to be a rum punch it would have to include Rum, Enchanted Isle has no Rum in it; we use cane spirit.

What is cane spirit you may ask? The best way to answer this is to explain how rum is made.  Rum begins by fer­ment­ing a sim­ple car­bo­hy­drate, sugar or molasses. The fer­mented prod­uct is then passed through a dis­tiller or a fil­ter ele­ment.  With one pass you will have a prod­uct that is 80 proof. The fla­vor of rum is the result of the impu­ri­ties that are left in it after a sin­gle dis­til­la­tion pass.

To man­u­fac­ture cane spirit a fer­mented sugar must be passed through dis­til­la­tion a min­i­mum of four times and usu­ally five. This will elim­i­nate all of the fla­vors that we asso­ciate with Rum. Our gov­ern­ment def­i­n­i­tion of this process is that when a fer­mented sugar prod­uct is fer­mented repeat­edly and is above 190 proof the term for it is cane spirit. Cane spirit imparts none of the fla­vors of rum as the impu­ri­ties have been fil­tered out due to mul­ti­ple distillations.

Enchanted Isle uses cane spirit in a form known as” eau de vie”. Eau de vie indi­cates a stan­dard and a process. To man­u­fac­ture eau de vie one must start with the finest ingre­di­ents pos­si­ble and use a true dis­til­la­tion process. In our case we use 26 foot tall cop­per alem­bic tow­ers. The stan­dard for eau de vie is sim­i­lar to the Ger­manic stan­dards for the brew­ing of beer or the Russ­ian stan­dard for the man­u­fac­ture of vodka.

This approach is very costly, how­ever; for you our cus­tomers Enchanted Isle does not impart the fla­vor of rum and there­fore becomes a great base for cock­tails, mimosas, belli­nis; or really, any­thing that your heart desires. If you have any ques­tions or com­ments please leave them with us and I will do my best to get back to you.



more … Free Enchanted Isle … Healdsburg Bar & Grill … this Sunday!

And this Sun­day at 1PM we’ll be giv­ing away free shots of Enchanted Isle at the Healds­burg Bar & Grill.  So grab some friends and stop by HBG to enjoy Enchanted Isle (aka: Tahiti Drink).

Healds­burg Bar & Grill
245 Healds­burg Ave
Healds­burg, CA 95448

To go HBG’s site for info and direc­tions … CLICK HERE.

See you Sunday!


Free Enchanted Isle @ The Lighthouse Bar & Grill !!!

This Fri­day at 4PM we’ll be giv­ing out free shots of Enchanted Isle at the Light­house Bar & Grill.  Start June off right!  Come down and enjoy our amaz­ing Tahit­ian Liquor!

Light­house Bar & Grill
Rafael Town Cen­ter
1016 Court Street
San Rafael, CA 94901

CLICK HERE for Light­house site & directions


Matthew’s Kitchen and other great new recipes …

We’ve just added a bunch of new recipes that you should check out.

Mimosa Head­quar­ters, Matthew’s Kitchen, and a new Bloody Bob’s cre­ation all ready to go.


Tahiti … meet the Rockies!

Hello every­body,

Greet­ings from Cal­i­for­nia and Tahiti!

At long last, the State of Col­orado has com­pleted its shores and we’re cleared to land. So now it is only a mat­ter of when we can get the truck out from Col­orado to pick up Enchanted Isle.

As this unfolds we intend to pub­lish restau­rants, bars and retail out­lets that have the prod­uct. For those of you fur­ther to the east, we should have some good news for you before too long.


Road Trip …

Hello Every­body:

Just for fun I thought I would share this with everybody.

Last night I received a phone call from a gen­tle­man who had heard about us on the Inter­net. He placed a phone call to Dean & DeLuca and was told that indeed they have Enchanted Isle, which is Tahiti Drink’s name in the US. He drove up from cen­tral Cal­i­for­nia to buy it. Then he went to the web­site found my phone num­ber and gave me a call. He went on and on about how ecsta­tic he was that finally, after all this time, Tahiti Drink was here. He thanked me pro­fusely and in return I thanked him for his support.


Lighthouse Bar & Grill spotlights Enchanted Isle …

Hello one and all: Lighthouse Bar & Grill

Enchanted Isle is now being served at The Light­house Bar and Grill. Your host, Ken­neth, says to come on down and enjoy the great din­ing, music and events as well as their patio in down­town San Rafael. You will find them at: 1016 City Plaza (Court Street between 4th and 5th) San Rafael CA.

Call:  415–721-7700
Or go to


Enchanted Isle now available in California …

Greet­ings everybody, Where To Buy

Finally it is time for some good news!

You can now find Enchanted Isle (Tahiti Drink) on the shelves at the Bot­tle Barn in Santa Rosa and Dean & DeLuca in St. Helena, both in California.

For those of you in Cal­i­for­nia (or if you have friends in Cal­i­for­nia who might “for­ward” a ship­ment to you) Dean & DeLuca will ship to any loca­tion in the state. Just call Lee at Dean & Deluca at 707–967-9980 ext 4106 and ask about “Enchanted Isle”. He’ll get the wheels in motion for you.

Details for both mer­chants can be found on our “Where to Buy” page (see:  As we ship to addi­tional mer­chants we’ll add their names to this page as well. We’ll also send out Twit­ter mes­sages and post to our Face­book page as well.

For those out­side the state of CA, maybe it’s time to visit friends here and order a ship­ment to meet you at their place. For any­one who can get to Healds­burg CA (“down­town” Wine Coun­try USA) you’ll find Enchanted Isle at Healds­burg Bar and Grill (aka: HBG).

And last but not least, for those of you who have been call­ing and e-mailing about the Vanilla Creme liqueur, which is called “Vahine Creme”, we have good news for you. The paper­work required for fed­eral approval to allow import in the USA has been sub­mit­ted. Many of you have e-mailed and said that you have been try­ing to find this prod­uct in the USA for years, your wait will soon be over. More infor­ma­tion com­ing soon.

All the best to each of you and thanks again for your patience and inter­est in Enchanted Isle.


Now on Facebook & Twitter …

Check us out on our brand new Face­book and Twit­ter sites. We’ll be using both accounts to announce new loca­tions where you can find Enchanted Isle as well as some other sur­prises that we hope will be fun for every­one. You can find us by search­ing for “Enchanted Isle” or at:


We have the technology …

Hello every­body,

We found a rather well-written arti­cle about our ‘Tahiti Drink’ pro­duct­ing friends at Manutea Tahiti, S.A. from a fel­low Tahiti trav­eler over in Lon­don. We decided to go ahead and share this one with you.
Click here to view this arti­cle ‘Juice Tech­nol­ogy from French Poly­ne­sia’ in Engi­neer­ing and Tech­nol­ogy Mag­a­zine.


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