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Where to buy Enchanted Isle
a Blend of Fruit, Pineapple, Vanilla & Cane Spirits
a Blend of Fruit, Pineapple, Vanilla & Cane Spirits
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About Enchanted Isle — In the South Pacific lies the French Poly­ne­sia island of Moorea. Rooted in the vol­canic soil, bathed in trop­i­cal sun and fed by pure rain­wa­ter, the island gives life to the “Queen Tahiti” Pineap­ple. Our ripened fruit is har­vested by the hands of fam­ily farm­ers and squeezed at our own facil­ity. To this fresh juice we add a touch of pas­sion fruit, the zest of orange and our own vanilla. No sugar is added. The sweet­ness comes from our deli­cious ripe pineapple.

We make our own cane spirit, employ­ing cop­per alem­bic tow­ers in
the French process known as Eau De Vie, the water of life.
There is noth­ing arti­fi­cial or syn­thetic added… even
our Tahit­ian sun­rise color comes from fruit and
veg­etable sources.

Enchanted Isle is the only liquor in the world
made from all real food ingre­di­ents. Enjoy it
on it’s own or use it as an exotic base
for many cocktails.

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Enchanted Isle is the registered trademark of Manutea Tahiti S.A.
Enchanted Isle is 10% Alcohol by Volume – Please Drink Responsibly
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